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Christening shawls, baby shawls, wraps,
cowls, stoles & scarves by Martin Green.

Scarves, squares, stoles and shawls made in Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, England, on early 19th Century type hand frame knitting machines which were invented in Calverton in 1589, an industry spanning 434 years.

Size Product Extra Fine Courtelle* Extra Fine Pure Wool
46" x 12" Scarf £14.95 £19.95
56" x 14" Scarf £19.95 £29.95
66" x 16" Scarf £29.95 £39.95
72" x 22" Stole £49.95 £59.95
80" x 36" Wrap £79.95 £89.95
30" x 30" Square £24.95 £34.95
36" x 36" Square £34.95 £44.95
42" x 42" Square £49.95 £59.95
54" x 54" Shawl £84.95 £99.95

Scarves & snoods made on a Victorian circular knitting machine invented in 1872.

Size Product Extra Fine Courtelle* Extra Fine Pure Wool Mohair Mixture
50" Scarf/Cowl/Hood £19.95 £19.95 £19.95

Colours for all products. (Sample yarn colours)
Extra Fine Courtelle* White, Black, Navy, Ice Blue, Gold, Royal.
Extra Fine Pure Wool White, Black, Cream, Red, Navy, Brown, Wine, Sky, Pink Mix, Beige Mix.
Mohair Mixture White, Black, Cream, Jade.

Ordering your hand made wrap, shawl, cowl, stole or scarf from Martin Green.

Order Size Product Fabric Colour Price P&P Total
Example 46" x 12" Scarf Extra Fine Courtelle* White £14.95 £3.95 £18.90
Post & packing- £3.95 for 1 x garment, £2.95 for each additional garment.
Overseas orders - Please email for details.

Please enclose cheque with order or email the order to
and you will be sent information of how to pay by PayPal. Allow 15 days for delivery.

Please print out this form and fill in details. Send To:
Name: Martin Green
Address: 53 Armson Avenue
  Kirby Muxloe
  LE9 2DB
Phone: (+44) (0)116 239 3484

*Courtelle is registered trademark of Courtaulds PLC.

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